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We selected Columbia Networks because they were able to customize the service to meet our bandwidth and budget requirements. Now that we have had the service in place for over a year, it has proven to be very reliable and Columbia Networks has also demonstrated the ability to rapidly increase the available bandwidth on demand.

How important is broadband to your company?

“It’s top 3.. for us it is our conduit for not only our work but our communications as well with most of our clients and contractors.”

Has the service met with your business requirements?

“I cannot stress how great the service has been, after spending close to 2 years prior with other Tier 1 providers there is no comparison. The service has been rock solid and the support, what little has been needed, was fast and complete. I spent months researching vendors and services and even after all that I still made the wrong choice. If I had known about Columbia Networks at the time then maybe I could have saved myself valuable time and resources”

About West Media Film and Post

With decades of combined experience creating compelling, timely and cost effective motion graphics for film and television at West Media, we strive to combine the correct technology with relevant imagery and present a solution that will communicate a convincing story. Supplying complete visual and technology solutions from pre-production concepts to practical playback all the way through the post-production process to final delivery.

West Media motion film and TV series projects have included; Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Battlestar Galactica, Angels & Demons, and The X-Files to mention a few.