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Now More than ever, Technology is Key to a Successful Business. Let Us Help!

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Now more than ever, technology can make or break your business. You need a strategy to identify opportunities where your business can thrive by taking advantage of all these new digital tools. At Columbia Networks we help you embrace digital transformation and implement strategic building blocks that connect your people, data, and processes and create value for your customers.

Our consulting services include:

  • Planning for network and computing upgrades
  • Custom design and programming for advanced networking requirements; including private connectivity to Public Cloud services, i.e. Azure, Office365 in Canada.

Management of IT services

We keep your IT systems operational, current and secure so you can focus on key business opportunities.

We offer management of your Hybrid IT services including on premise IT, Cloud based IT, and secure access for mobile workers.

  • Get the most from existing technology investments.
  • Access the right IT skills in a timely fashion to avoid staff productivity issues.
  • Keep your business data and applications secure across the Hybrid infrastructure.
  • Make better decisions through access to better IT reporting.