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Your Internet connection is key to your business success. We help you succeed by connecting business to the Public Internet via Fibre Optics.

At Columbia Networks, we empower you to achieve your business goals by ensuring your office connectivity is optimized. With the right network strategy, network service, and technology partner your business can grow faster and operate more efficiently. Columbia Networks can provide service to most business addresses in Canada. Public Internet service is available with bandwidth options between 25Mbps and 10Gbps. The service is provided as a “clear channel”, or with no blocked ports, or filtering of any type and a static IP address. Options include, DNS, NTP, IPv6, Firewalling, Intrusion Detection, and end-point security for your business computers.


A private and secure network is at the core of your business. Private networking connects your bricks and mortar office with mobile staff, partners and suppliers, and Cloud based IT services.

Columbia Networks provides top shelf service to businesses across Canada. Private networking can be configured with bandwidth options between 25Mpbs and 10Gbps. Circuits can be delivered on dedicated fibre-optic or wireless facilities, and encrypted VPN service is available via the Public Internet.

Advanced networking services include physical circuit diversity, private connectivity to private data centres, public Internet exchanges, and to public cloud providers, i.e. Azure, AWS, etc. Advanced security options are available to support encrypted VPN, firewalling and managed corporate WiFi.

We also offer private circuits to many international destinations.


Network security solutions are designed to protect your private corporate network from the Public Internet. Security is often layered, including perimeter or network security, in addition to operating system and application specific security, i.e. email. A robust network security system controls who can gain access to your private network, how they gain access, and when they are permitted access. Network security can be set to control other methods of access to corporate networks including VPN, physical access and wireless access via WiFi. Internal traffic in your office can also be fire-walled between departments providing an added level of network level security for staff.

  • Firewall rules based access; allows computers on the inside to initiate communication with computers on the Public Internet. At the same time, all attempts to initiate communications from the Public Internet to computers inside the Firewalls are denied.
  • VPN Office to Office communications; VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are point to point encrypted virtual circuits that allow communications between office networks via the Public Internet. More about Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Intrusion protection system (IPS) monitors network traffic that has been allowed by the firewalls. IPS’s monitor and look for known malware, threats, and abnormal changes in traffic patterns to protect the applications and operating systems inside your private corporate network.
  • Web filtering is an option at the network security layer. Websites or URLs can be added to rules to either permit, deny, or limit access.
  • Anti-Virus is an option at the network security layer where all Internet “web surfing” traffic, Email, and file transfers are scanned for known viruses.
  • Remote access – Secure VPN circuits provide mobile staff with encrypted connections to the corporate network resources.


With Advanced Networking Services, our team provides great options to enhance your business. Whether you need to extend your network to strategic physical locations, increase network availability, or gain insights into existing network traffic patterns, your entire workforce will benefit from our advanced network monitoring. Once we’ve analyzed your situation we’ll be able to address your unique connectivity requirements and provide custom network options to help you get the most from your technology.

  • Internet Redundancy; Physical redundant circuits increase the availability of your Internet service in the event that one circuit experiences an outage.
  • Internet Redundancy with BGP; For clients with dual upstream Internet connections, BGP can be used to provide automatic failover. BGP can be customized to address specific routing requirements.
  • Custom Network Design; Ideal for businesses that need to securely connect their office with Cloud based services and extend corporate IT services to branch offices and mobile workers.
  • Connectivity to Private Data Centres; Extend your corporate network to a Private Data Centre in Canada. * Private circuits are available between 25M and 10Gbps and provide reliable bandwidth, latency, and support QoS. * VPN circuits are available at speeds between 25M and 100Mbps and provide encryption for traffic transiting the Public Internet.
  • Connectivity to Public Cloud Data Centres; Extend your corporate network to IT resources running in a Public Cloud. Private circuits to Public Cloud Services provide an increased level of security as well as consistent performance metrics that may not be available via the Public Internet. Private circuits are available between 25M and 10Gbps and provide reliable bandwidth and latency. Supported Public Cloud providers include Microsoft Azure and Office365, and Amazon Web Services in North America.
  • Connectivity to Internet Exchanges; Connect your business to an Internet Exchange and peer directly with your Internet service providers. Private peering can improve performance, support bandwidth speeds up to 100Gbps, and reduce Internet transit costs.
  • Monitoring and Reporting; Provides visibility of IT services in the office and in the Cloud. Application specific performance and detailed traffic stats.