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Public Cloud Services

Public Cloud Services provide efficient, flexible solutions by capitalizing on the latest advances in IT technology. Using the cloud allows your business to make the most of online collaboration tools. Reduce complexity and improve agility in your day to day operations with a full complement of business productivity apps for your desktop PCs and mobile devices. Services can be provisioned quickly and can scale up on-demand.

  • Microsoft Office 365; Microsoft Office business productivity applications with online collaboration tools to enhance team productivity.
  • Microsoft Azure; Is a collection of integrated cloud services including computing, storage, analytics, database, networking, backup and more. Azure is a great way to deploy quickly and scale up services as your business grows.

Private Cloud Services

  • Focus on your business outcomes and leverage the skills and resources available with private cloud services.
  • Tailor services to empower your business while keeping your private data and applications secure.
  • Leverage our skills, experience, and private cloud resources so you can focus your efforts on your core business.
  • Benefit from predictable monthly operating expenses
  • Enhance collaboration with your staff while maintaining a measured level of security.
  • Monitor and adjust the services required by your business.

Hybrid Cloud Services

Get the best of both worlds. Hybrid Cloud services provide the flexibility, scalability, and capacity to increase the value of your existing technology investment and meet the expanding needs of your business.

  • Gain access to the latest technologies and address key business challenges and opportunities in today’s digital world.
  • Benefit from business wide security to protect your staff, data, and every application in your hybrid cloud environment.
  • Leverage our skilled support as you expand your business with the addition of Cloud based services.

Security Services

Managed security services protect your revenue and reputation.

In today’s digital business environment, the business opportunity has never been better. Our suite of security services allows you to conduct business while providing a measured level of security and reporting.

Security features available include; fire-walling, end-point security for operating systems, web reputation filtering, application specific security, i.e. email, and behaviour monitoring to protect against malware such as ransomware.

Advanced security features include; Intrusion detection and mitigation, DDoS attack mitigation, and Cloud based threat defence.