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Vancouver BC, September 2013 – Columbia Networks provides private networking in Canada and to international destinations. Columbia Networks recently completed a project to deliver a private broadband circuit between Canada and Italy. Working with international partners, Columbia Networks can extend private broadband connectivity to many international destinations.

Clients have three options for global broadband connectivity including; SSL VPN for Mobile Workers, IPsec VPN for encrypting private circuits across the Public Internet and physical private circuits. SSL VPN is a good solution for mobile or remote workers that access corporate resources via a corporate web portal. IPsec VPN can be deployed quickly, has a relatively low cost, and requires an Internet connection at either end of the VPN. IPsec provides very similar functionality to a physical private circuits. Physical private circuits are deployed at fixed locations and can connect two or more locations. Physical private circuits can be used to address regulatory compliance and internal corporate privacy policy. Physical private circuits provide predictable bandwidth and latency which can very on the Public Internet in different countries.

The founders of Columbia Networks have a history of delivering international connectivity in a variety of locations around the world.

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